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  • Sunday 26th of June 2022

Description of Duties and Powers of Iran Skokvax Policy Council

The "Policy Council" is the highest pillar of Iran Skokvaks, which is formed for policy and macro planning in order to determine strategies and policies, as well as to develop the activities of this international event within the framework of the country's laws. This council has the following duties and powers.
Determine policies, visions, policies and strategies
Review and approval of event programs in the scientific and commercial sector
Periodic review of programs
Approval of internal regulations on how to convene meetings of the policy council
Proposal for joint cooperation between 26 countries
Continuous monitoring of the elements and activities of the event
Decide on how and how to hold and determine the time and place of holding with a positive vote of at least half plus one of the council members
Approval of the structure of Iran Skokvax

Compile and propose levels and types of awards and letters of appreciation to committees and award policy.

Composition of the Policy Council
Iran Skokvaks Steering and Policy Council is formed with the presence of scientific, managerial, diplomatic personalities from among the directors and representatives of specialized agencies, organizations, chambers and associations, both public and private, whose composition of members and duties are as follows.

A- Composition of the Steering Council and policy making

The members of the Steering and Policy Council are among the experts and experts in the field of export and trade development, whose number is 100, as follows. At the request of the Secretary-General of the Event, the delegates shall be formally nominated for a term of one year:

    In this council, the invited members are:

Representatives from Ministries: Foreign Affairs, Oil, Industries, Mines and Trade, Energy, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development
     Jihad-e-Agriculture, Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Health and Medical Education, Economy and Finance, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Military and Security Forces
    Representatives from: Trade Development Organization, National Productivity Organization, Environmental Protection, Chambers of Commerce, Guilds, Cooperatives, Central Bank and Banks, Associations and Trade Unions
    Representatives of business leaders, managers of industrial, manufacturing and service enterprises, heads and professors of universities, experts in universities

Invitation to the meeting and sending the minutes of the meetings is done by the secretariat of Iran Skokvaks. Meetings of the council are formalized with the presence of two thirds of the members and its approvals can be implemented by a majority vote of those present at the meeting. They will be members of the Steering and Policy Council, and will be replaced by new people if they change jobs or responsibilities.