Iran Scocoax


Our Services for Golden Sponsor

Business Services

  • Priority of sponsor to meet and negotiate with investors in exhibition and meetings
  • Following up the real customers and partners in investment or export terms
  • Providing the opportunity to have negotiation and speak to professors, officials, prominent personalities along with managers of important companies during event days for managers and experts of sponsor’s company by setting time (maximum 2 cases)
  • Invitation of 15 representatives on behalf of sponsor in the opening and closing ceremonies as well as B2B meetings.
  • Membership in the investment club of sco member States

Admiration Services

  • Awarding a high quality noteworthy and memorable gold badge as well as the medal of the event
  • Introducing and honoring the sponsor in different opportunities of the event, 6 times in the meetings of event by the program’s administrator.
  • Awarding the board of officials and characters sign with sponsor’s logo
  • Awarding the prizes and gifts with the sponsor brand with the presence of the sponsor
  • Booking one booths in 40m2 in the center of event to introduce sponsor’s products
  • Providing a 3D booth in 50m2 in the exhibition section of the event
  • Issuance exhibitor special cards for 5 persons on behalf of sponsor with the possibility of replacement during the event along with ceremonial and catering
  • Issuance the invitation cards for lunch in opening along with closing ceremony for 15 persons who are introduced by the sponsor
  • Issuances one night event invitation cards along with dinner for 15 special managers who sponsor intended to have
  • Settling and accommodation of the sponsor along with the special guests of the event in the selected hotel of the event organizer with transfer by ceremonial cars

Advertising services

  • Mentioning the sponsor's name and logo on the stage of the event’s television interviews
  • Allocating the stands in different locations of the event
  • printing the sponsor’s Logo and advertisements on the entrance and surrounding billboards of the event with a total area of ​​200 m2
  • Printing the sponsor’s logo on the cover of brochures, posters, and all published documents
  • Printing a colorful advertisement on the covers and 4 special pages inside the book and event log
  • Displaying the sponsor ‘s company logo on the event web page(s) with the possibility of link
  • Displaying the sponsor’s company logo in the advertising stands of the event venue
  • Suppling of event brochures and posters to the sponsor in the demanded quantities for private advertising
  • Considering limited gifts and advertisements of the sponsor in the donation packages as promotion

Broadcast and teaser services

  • Participation and introduction of the sponsor in the tv special program of event and member states in 2 episodes
  • Broadcasting a 20-second video and clip of the sponsor company with the purpose of branding before the start of each session, and the program host’s presentation (two times) and in B2B meetings at least 8 times.
  • Interview with the sponsor and event reportage at the conference and exhibition in video form and media broadcast
  • An interview with sponsor during the exhibition and broadcasting through the radio of event
  • submitting the edited videos and photos of the event depends on sponsor’s concentration and interviews with managers and visitors