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The first international conference and exhibition of Shanghai Economic Community member states entitled Iran SCOCOEX In order to introduce Iran’s non-oil services and goods as an existing potential to achieve the country’s real goals will be held. This International Event will focus on supporting the private departments and knowledge-based cooperations in the country with the aim of exporting expansion, supplying of raw materials foreign exchange, reconstructing of industry and job creation in line with welfare of the society and elimination of deprivation. In this regard, the first international conference and exhibition of Iran SCOCOEX with the aim of economic and trade development is expected to host more than 26 states from 19 to 22 October 2022.

Iran Scocoax 2022

The exhibition of this event will be held with the presence of more than 250 companies from different countries and more than 350 domestic companies, with the expectation of 3,000 foreign visitors from officials and investors as well as more than 20k Iranian expert visitors in compliance with health protocols.
The conference of this event is held with two meetings every day and 8 meetings total whit the topics such as joint technical approach and market cooperation procedures, foreign investment, states trade opportunities professional training of auctions and tenders affairs,trade laws of member stated and preferential tariffs. Due to the importance and of this event on the development of the country’s trade relations in the field of exports, you and your company are invited to attend strongly and effectively in this unique economic event.


Commodity groups

Oil, gas, petrochemical, Energy industries and power plants, Metal, steel and foundry industries, Automotive industry, electromotive force and parts as well as motorcycles٫ Construction and urban planning industry, glass and ceramic industry, mining industry, Mines, non-metallic minerals and stone and cement, coal, Transportation industry, shipping and rail industry, textile and clothing industry, leather and shoe industry, wood and furniture industry, Food industry, agriculture and pharmaceuticals, animal and poultry industries, gold and jewelry industries Gemstone , chemical and detergent industries, cellulose industries, Installation, heating and cooling industries, Home a appliance, audio and video industries, medical and technology, Information and Telecommunications and digital, tobacco industry, polymer industry, rubber and plastics ,handicrafts, Tourism, sports and health industries, safety equipment industries, printing and packaging industries and paper.

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Speeches by officials and merchants at the conference

Scientific economic, industrial and commercial workshops and panels as well as B2B meetings.

Holding two meetings every day, a total of 8 meetings.

Participation of traders, industry and brand owners from 26 countries.

Opening and closing ceremonies with the presence of high-ranking officials from 26 countries.

Attendance of foreign investors and participants in international projects.

Presence of overseas buyers for Iranian goods and services with the aim of developing exports.

Presence of foreign companies with the aim of supplying raw materials and technology for industrial development.