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International Affairs

  • Saturday 23rd of July 2022

International  Affairs

Iran SCOCOEX endeavors to lay groundwork for attracting the international customers for industrial production and services,overseas investors,technology and raw material’s suppliers by cooperation with embassies, ministries of foreign affairs, chambers of commerce, specialized and management organizations in the countries of the target group of the Shanghai Organization member states and Iran's neighbors (Group 18 + 8).

It is expected that Iran host about 3,000 envoys from theses spots which some of them will be guests of the event, and all their travel, accommodation and hospitality expenses will be covered by the event and its sponsors,however 30-50% of the cost of accommodation of some other  will be covered by the event host.
Exhibition services, visas, hotel reservations, transportation for foreign guests and participants are on the event charge.

Recommendations before traveling ,List of prohibited items on flights, Tips about air travel,Health regulations during Flight classes and
Allowed passenger baggage
Will be sent to registrants and participants via email or WhatsApp.

Clearance of overseas consignments

Due to the fact the whole companies  which are going to supply their goods in the exhibition shall enter the target country on time, there is the possibility for the clearance of their goods through the cargo clearance under the event shall be noted first there’s need to declare the quantity , volume, description of goods and the purpose of the supply to the customs broker of Iran SCOCOEX Exhibition in written form base on the announced timetable in order to take the necessary coordination and the customs formalities in due time. Otherwise, it will be considered as a lack of need so the customs broker and executive will not have any responsibility in this regard.

2- The delivery as well as shipping time will be announced by the customs broker and its not extendable at all ,moreover due to any reason and excuse the owner hadn’t take the necessary action regarding the delivery of  goods until the close time the customs broker and the executor will not assume any responsibility.

3- The responsibility of carrying out all export formalities process,forwarding the goods (FOB) as well as the whole clearance steps,besides other related tasks in the target country, for the companies which proceeds by their selves is the responsibility of the participant or the consigner so,the organizer of the exhibition does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

4-All air fright or  sea shipping must be unloaded according to the announced schedule.

5-It should receive the full attention of the esteemed participants regarding the mass of imported goods and sometimes unpredictable load volume at the airport or ports, it is impossible to apply special services for the clearance of exhibition goods, and such cargoes will go through the normal procedures like other imported ones.
6- the damages which have caused by improper packing is under the owner or participant responsibility. The forwarded goods must pack  properly with a good quality, the packs  shall be firm, with protection and standard as well as water resistance suitable for air or sea shipping also  the gross weigh shall not be over than 200 kg. The packs must have label (mentioning the name and details of the company, box or carton number, net weight, gross weight, package dimensions, hall and booth number and the name of the destination country, the name of the clearance company or customs agent  in English on both sides of all packages. FRONT" or "BACK" & "CENTER OF GRAVIT" signs are mandatory for all shipments.

7- All shipping documents, including Invoice and Packing List, in which the payment term and shipping type as C.I.F, the valuation in US dollars moreover the description of the goods are recorded after being stamped and signed along with other shipping documents according to the announced schedule shall be deliver to the executive or broker of customs affairs of Iran SCOCOEX.

8- All the consignments must be match in terms of weight and quantity to the presented documents, otherwise according to the customs laws, the consigner will be obliged to pay a fine.

9- According to the request of the consigner  the clearance of the goods could be in the form of temporary or permanent clearance.

10- All the shipping documents (air fright or sea shipping)should be sent to the customs broker along with the goods or according to the announced schedule to the agent.

11-The details of the  consignee or (consigned) in all shipping documents should be issue in the name of the clearance broker’s company.

12-Mentioning the value of the goods at the Unit Price and Total Amount in the Commercial Invoice or the commercial invoice as CIF (cost price of the goods + insurance cost + shipping cost) is mandatory for customs procedures.

13- The consigner must submit the necessary certificates of standard has requested by the customs from the approved institution before shipping to the customs.

14- Simultaneously The Certificate of Origin as a document that indicates the manufacturer country which shall be submit along with other documents to the customs.

15-It is  oblige to submit an anti-infection certificate for wooden packs (wooden boxes or pallets) made from raw wood and without bark besides stamp with ISPM51 or IPPC seal as well as disinfecting the product before packing with methyl bromide gas moreover, the disinfection certificate in English and stamped with the seal of the disinfecting company shall be submitted by the consigner.

16- All shipments which done by following couriers  (DHL, TNT, UPS) will not be accepted.

17- For air fright the temporary entry declaration must be attached to the bill of loading.

18-Regarding sea shipments the declaration of temporary entry which has to attach to bill of lading  must be submitted to  the customs broker one week before the cargo's arrival at the port .

19-Regarding advertising items, you shall meet the considered requirements in the target country .Please pay full attention to the items announced by the conditions and regulations of customs.

20- Inspection and clearance of all cargo will be done at the customs.

21- Regarding the goods that have been cleared from the customs as a temporary entry, the companies are not allowed to throw them away or donate them during the exhibition or after the end of the exhibition unless it happens under the supervision of the customs otherwise the probably fine shall be pay.

22- The passenger shall declare the hand goods to the customs broker before shipping them(the amount, volume, description of goods and the purpose of their supply ) in order to perform the customs formalities.

23- Clearance of food, health, and cosmetic products in  any form and quality for commercial or advertising purposes, in compliance with general regulations shall get the health certificate and ability to consume from the country of origin from the Ministry of Health, Medicine, etc. . In addition, such goods will be allowed to be cleared after inspection and confirmation from the country's customs and quarantine organization.

24-Forwarding food, soft drinks, tobacco, cigarettes (only for personal use during the exhibition) and also goods such as watches, calculators, souvenirs, gifts, etc. (all shall engraved by logo of the consigner ) after Inspection and confirmation by the customs of the target country and the quarantine organization will be allowed for clearance.

25-All the customs affair cost related to the clearance of goods (entry of goods) according to the tariff of the  clearance company of the exhibition  which is the responsibility of the esteemed participant after the invoice is announced by the customs agent, the main of these costs are:

Preparation and issuance of clearance documents
• Payment of all customs duties and taxes based on the customs declaration of the target country for the definitive clearance shipment and depositing a guarantee for the temporary entry shipment.

26-participants which are going to supply  the goods in the exhibition are obliged to pay customs fee and duties according to the customs tariff of the target country for the final clearance of the goods, or for temporary clearance equal to the same amount of customs duties and fees determined by the customs or the customs agent, the aforementioned amount for the purpose of guarantee. Pay and settle the account after the exhibition closing.

. The shipment of all air and sea cargo from the airport or port to the warehouse
. • Warehousing
. • Transferring goods from the warehouse to the booth.

27-All the goods referral costs including (domestic and international transportation, packaging, warehousing ,issuance of customs documents, customs clearance procedures, etc.) are the responsibility of the consigner.

28- In case of written request of the consigner for insurance, the insurance amount will be calculated separately according to the description,total value of consignments and shall be pay by the consigner.

29-All the companies are obliged to declare the exact details of their shipments, including: number, packing list,estimated date of departure and arrival, flight number/ship name and voyage number, air and sea waybill number (10 days before shipment) to the customs broker.

For more information please keep in touch with the Iran SCOCOEX experts.