The SCO’s importance and opportunities for Iran

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The SCO’s importance and opportunities for Iran

  • Wednesday 20th of July 2022
The SCO’s importance and opportunities  for Iran

Beyond the importance of economic issues in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's plans and paying attention to the category of transportation and creating favorable transit conditions with the aim of development of Iran's trade, it is possible to point out the other capacities of this organization in the fields of science ,technology, culture, agriculture, tourism and creating favorable conditions in the field of custom’s cooperation with member and observer states which this important, according to the cooperation agreements and non-security action that have been signed among the members of the group and its supervisors, could be followed up and and achieved in the form of "Shanghai medium-term development program" which is a part of its long-term agreement. .


Considering these two great projects: 1. Silk Road Project and 2. The Eurasian Economic Union is the outcome and generation of this organization which is one of the most powerful economic and strategic blocs in the world that both kick in Iran’s economy. It can be attractive to china to apply transportation infrastructure and transit of goods through the country's maritime and port capacities, railways and roads to facilitate and easy access to the market of Central Asian countries which have experienced the economic growth of 3.2% in 2020, as well as a trade volume of over 90 billion dollars along with the region countries .


possessing great geopolitical position, a north-south and west-east corridor, 9% of the world's resources, placed Iran as a leader in countering terrorism and stabilizer of the region so Iran with its great potential, can play a prominent role in this organization.No need to say The importance of taking more advantage of economic capacities in the field of transportation and transit in the East, West-North-South communication crossroads is very obvious.  

 a special look at the development of joint cooperation in two areas: 1. Eastern region countries (especially China and India as two important members of this organization) and 2. The countries of the Eurasian region (especially the countries bordering the Caspian Sea) can be an effective way to exit economic bottlenecks and as a window of hope to increase trade and country's economy mending.


One of the expected profit from Iran's membership at the Shanghai organizations is that the Europeans have get down of their hostile positions to attract Iran's attention in order to prevent Iran tends to the east  .and go toward the west.

Of course, this is one of the possibilities that comes up . Evidences suggests that the European are interested in attracting  Iran's opinion more and prevent Iran .from  tending to eastward