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Iran and the Shanghai Organization till now

  • Wednesday 20th of July 2022
Iran and the Shanghai Organization till now

In 2017, Iran ranked fourth and seventh in terms of exports and imports within the organization with a share of 5% and 4.3%, respectively.

In between the largest amount of Iran's exports to SCO in the mentioned year are to  China, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan respectively (about 95% of Iran's total exports to the organization) and the largest amount of Iran's imports are from China, India, Russia (about 96% of Iran's total import from the organization).Iran accompany with 11 main members and observers of the Shanghai treaty, including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Belarus, Iran has cross-border trade, in this regards the largest volume of Iran's trade with China Was 15518800492million dollars in 2019.


China's trade volume with Shanghai members has increased from 17 billion dollars in 2001 to 250 billion dollars in 2020, which actually shows an annual growth of 15%.

The Russia’s situation is also favorable, it had registered a growth of 9% annually.


With these evidences, Iran also can gain high benefits by establishing a joining monetary and financial system as well as introducing its neglected economic capacities, and by handing over projects to member countries.


Last year, Iran's trade volume with member countries was about 28 billion dollars, of which 13.6 billion dollars were exports and the rest was the value of imported goods. China with 19 billion dollars, India with 4 billion dollars, Afghanistan with 2 billion dollars and Russia with 1.6 billion dollars in terms of trade volume have had the most relations with our country.


Meanwhile Iran's commercial cooperation with other members of the organization is not much considerable so that our total import and export with Uzbekistan is about 256 million dollars, with Kazakhstan 205 million dollars, with Kyrgyzstan 51 million dollars, with Belarus 30 million dollars, and with Tajikistan about 24 million dollar.

This is while our transit roads with these countries despite the lack of land borders are open.

According to global estimation the total trade of the SC’s  member countries (9 permanent members and two observer members) in 2020 was around 6,100 billion dollars, of which 3,321 billion dollars are exports and 2,805 billion dollars are imports.

Accordingly, despite Iran's export of 13 billion dollars to these countries last year, it can be concluded that Iran had only 0.4% of the 2,805 billion dollar import market of these countries.By an exact planning and sure bilateral agreements with Russia and China, the amount of commercial cooperation with CSO countries can be significantly increased.