What Iran’s membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization benefits

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What Iran’s membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization benefits

  • Wednesday 20th of July 2022
What Iran’s membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization benefits

After all is said and done ,despite Iran's efforts to resolve the dispute with the West within the scope of the JCPOA, the failure of the nuclear deal once again strengthened the pessimistic attitude towards the West and pushed Iran further towards the East.

Iran's full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization just a few months after signing a 25-years strategic agreement with China shows Iran's desire and effort in the policy of looking to the East.


Iran's full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is considered a great victory for the Iranian government's foreign policy.


Tehran attempts to get  rid of international isolation by improving relations and ties with Russia, China and Central Asian states .stimultanously Iran's full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for Tehran is confirmation of the change in the balance of power in favor of non-Western countries and emerging powers 

The policy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is to not interfere in the internal affairs of the members and the type of their regimes . Tehran can benefit from the support of this organization in introducing its opponents as terrorists, extremists and separatists.thus Iran will benefit from relative legitimacy for its domestic and foreign policy.even Some in Iran believes that by Iran's full membership in the Shanghai Pact, the West will adopt a more moderate policy towards Iran in order to prevent this country from completely falling into the domain of China and Russia.


Iran finds out  the Shanghai Cooperation Organization not only as an international organization but non-western powers club and wants to use its capabilities as part of its plans to fight against America.


In addition,  tying of Iran to an  organization that owns about a third of the world's land and whose annual exports amount reach several billion dollars will bring many economic opportunities for Iran.


Since the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states exists in the core of the 2 Eurasian continents, their mutual relations and interactions will determine the nature of further development of this vast land for early future.


Refer to the interior connections of the Shanghai organization, its shared experience and existing letters, this organization is the largest (in terms of territory and population) of the organization, therefore its  a key of Eurasian platform for international cooperation. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is at the center of major economic initiatives, and as  experts believe it will be crucial for determining the future development approach of Eurasia. Considering these cases, even the  prefacing of Iran's membership process in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization can help to strengthen Iran's position in the region and increase Iran's bargaining power in the Persian Gulf equations and negotiations with the West. Moreover, the frequent and hasty requests of the United States to back  Iran to the nuclear negotiations and its emphasis on readiness to cancel the sanctions related to the JCPOA and leave regional issues out of the nuclear negotiations can also be analyzed in the same direction.  Iran's presence is also important in terms of the world's movement towards the new international system.

Iranian officials alternately have described the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a manifestation of the world power corridors change from the United States to non-Western collective mechanisms. In the current situation, the positive position of the Shanghai Organization member states regarding the acceptance of Iran is a profile of the intensification of the general differences and gaps between the main members of this organization, especially China, Russia and India, with the western power bloc led by the United States.further if someone said that America's hegemony in the world is declining,nobody bought it but today it is clear that America's hegemony is declining, and this is not felt by ordinary people anymore. The America of "Trump" and "Biden" is much weaker than the America of "Obama" or "Bush", and there are many reasons that reduce America's power. America will continue to be one of the biggest economic-political-military-cultural power in the world until the next decade, but it is a power that will gradually drop its share to "others". These "others" are the East power so called China, India, Russia and some regional powers in Asia. Iran is right at the center of this process of power transfer, and membership in the Shanghai Pact enables this eastern organization to expand its influence in West Asia. According to thesr facts"Washington Institute for Near East Policy" wrote about Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Treaty ;this membership would greatly weaken the efforts of Western countries to isolate Iran. and to pave the road  for the further development of Tehran's relations with China, Russia, and other governments in the Central Asian region.


The American think room, stating that the mentioned event is a great victory for the Iranian government, adds:


This event by itself can equipped Iran with significant power levers to deal with international challenges. finally iran be able to become a main member of the organization in the recent meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. According to many observers and analysts, it is of great benefit to Tehran and especially to the government of Ebrahim Raisi, in a situation where there are many speculations about the future of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West, as well as the resurgence of the Taliban near Iran's eastern borders. It will be considered as a considerable victory and big success.