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We have a lot to mention in our CV. From publishing more than 20 comprehensive journals, books and holding more than 10 conferences, exhibitions in the various fields of management, economics, marketing, automation, oil , gas and petrochemicals, food industry, bags , shoes, construction and etc. that were previously only a dream for many And later on actualized as achieved goals that enabled us to be proud of managing group projects. Aftab Pishraft Sanat Company (Limited Liability) with national ID of 10101847288 was registered as the Derakhteh Aftab Andisheh Company on 5/7/1998 with the registration number of 141723 and was renamed in 1989. Since then, this company actively manages various scientific, managerial and commercial events.
Aftab Pishraft Sanat Company with national ID 10101847288 has a bright record in diverse fields such as media, education, advertising, publishing, production, consulting in the field of branding, marketing, export, holding MBA and DBA courses.
Our Vision: Holding spectacularly great World-class international events and taking part in developed countries to create and seize investment opportunities, boosting export opportunities and playing a consulting and managerial role in international trade processes.
Aftab Pishraft Sanat Company is committed to developing country’s exports:
Based on the knowledge and experience of its founders and eminent professors, it aids and guides organizations in developing exports from training to implementation. Studying the target market, marketing research, and conducting international business negotiations regarding trade law and compliance are other activities of this Knowledge Center. Profitable and valuable exports with the least risk depends on having knowledge and experience is crucially significant, sometimes with the lack of attention of managers in terms of training and consulting leads to Irrecoverable losses. In line with the belief that having constant presence in the export market is a national and international commitment, the IRAN SCOCOEX event is intended to be held periodically in the 18 plus 8 countries and embark laying the groundwork for sustainable export development.
Attention to values and ethics is the principle: Dr. Esmail Shoja, CEO and founder of Aftab Company, considers the progress of industry, peace and comfort of society as the gift of proper management. He believes that management requires authority and authority means paying attention to values and adhering to ethics. Adherence to values and ethics is an important principle for Aftab Company.
Dr. Ismail Shoja
Secretary General and Designer of IRAN SCOCOEX
Managing Director and Founder of Aftab Pishraft Sanat Company

In the status quo, IRAN SCOCOEX will be extremely crucial in boosting trade relations in developing exports and finding strategies to solve the export problems of SCO member states, especially Iran, and is a unique and rare opportunity for Iranian companies. Foreign participation in this event will target meeting the country’s import needs. In order to have a resilient economy and raise resilience, it is a prerequisite to provide the necessary tools to remove barriers of production and export. The conspicuous point of this event for domestic companies is that instead of traveling to 25 countries for marketing or participating in exhibitions and conferences abroad and paying billions, according to the target markets, in this event With a reasonable cost and maybe up to one tenth to one hundredth of the costs outside the borders of Iran can find their international customers.
In this event, we have provided a suitable platform for the customer to follow you, not vice versa. In IRAN SCOCOEX, instead of selling through international intermediaries, you can sell directly to an international customer and it is possible for company owners to sell their goods, provide their services and products at real prices. Besides, in currency exchanges with the new solutions considered in this event and with consulting foreign exchange experts, it is feasible to trade risk-free banking within the law. We guarantee the 100% result of the sponsors of this event and assure the participants and exhibitors that in the final desirable outcomes. They can count on the consultants and experts of this event organizers.


Dear Dr. Esmaeil Shoja

Secretary General of the Exhibition and the Great Scocoex Conference

Description of Duties and Jurisdictions of the Policy Council of IRAN SCOCOEX .

The “Policy Council” is the main core of IRAN SCOCOEX, which is established for deciding on polices and macro dimensional planning in order to determine and set strategies and policies, as well developing activities of this international event within the framework of national laws. This council enjoys the following duties and jurisdictions:
Determining policies, visions, and strategies
Reviewing and approving the event programs in the scientific and commercial sector
Periodic review of programs
Consenting internal regulations on how to convene meetings of the Policy Council
Proposing mutual cooperation between 26 countries
Constant monitoring of the elements and activities of the event about arriving at decisions on how to hold and determining the time and location of the venue with a positive vote of at least half plus one of the council members
Approving the final structure of IRAN SCOCOEX
Compiling and proposing the levels and types of awards and letters of appreciation to committees and deciding on policies regarding awards
The structure of the Policy Council
IRAN SCOCOEX Steering and Policy Council is established with the presence of scientific, managerial, diplomatic personalities from among the directors and representatives of specialized agencies, organizations, chambers and associations, both public and private, whose composition of members and duties are as follows.
A- The structure of the Steering Council and policy making
The members of the Steering and Policy Council who are from among the experts and professionals in the field of export and trade development, whose number is 100, as follows. At the request of the Secretary-General of the Event, the delegates shall be officially appointed for one year period:
The members of this council are:
Representatives from Ministries: Foreign Affairs, Oil, Industries, Mines and Trade, Energy, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development Jihad-e-Keshavarzi, Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Health and Medical Education, Economy and Finance, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Military and Security Forces Representatives from: Trade Development Organization, National Productivity Organization, Environmental Protection, Chambers of Commerce, Guilds, Cooperatives, Central Bank and Banks, Associations and Trade Unions Representatives of business leaders, managers of industrial, manufacturing and service enterprises, heads and professors of universities, university experts
Invitation to be present in the meeting has been sent by the secretariat of IRAN SCOCOEX. Meetings of the council are formalized with the presence of two thirds of the members and its approvals can be implemented by a majority vote of those present at the meeting. They will be the members of the Steering and Policy Council, and will be replaced by new people if they change occupations or responsibilities